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Spring and Hibernate 26
Course Contents



  • Overview of O/R mapping
  • Overview of Hibernate architecture
  • Setting up and running your first Hibernate application.

Configuring Hibernate

  • Hibernate configuration property file
  • Hibernate configuration XML file
  • Database dialects
  • Obtaining a Session Factory
  • User-provided JDBC connection
  • Using code generation tool
  • Using schema generation tool
  • Using mapping file generation tool

 O/R Mapping

  • Overview of the mapping file
  • The id element and primary key
  • Id generation methods
  • Composite id
  • Hibernate data types
  • Custom value types
  • Mapping for collections and associations
  • Mapping for rich associations
  • Component mapping
  • Inheritance mapping  

Manipulating and Querying Persistent Data

  • Persistent classes
  • Loading an object
  • Find methods
  • The Query interface
  • Performing CRUD operations
  • Criteria Queries
  • Using native SQL query
  • Using lifecycle and interceptor callbacks
  • Transactions and concurrency


 The Hibernate Query Language (HQL)

  • The select clause
  • The from clause
  • The where clause
  • Expressions
  • Aggregate functions
  • Sorting, grouping, etc.
  • Subqueries   


 Spring Introduction


·         Spring modules

·         Dependency injection

·         Spring containers(Bean Factory , Application Context)

·         Basic bean wiring

·         Bean life cycle 

Spring Data Access


·         Using jdbc with spring

·         Working with Datasources,

·         Working with jdbctemplates,

·         DML operations on data


Spring web-MVC

·         Controllers

·         Types of controllers

·         Handling web requests 

·         Mapping requests to controllers

·         Handler Mappings

·         Processing commands, form submissions

·         Views

·         Resolving text messages (property files)

·         View resolvers

·         Validations

·         Working with throw away controllers

·         ContextLoaderListener for loading configuration files



Aspect Oriented Programming


·         Join points, point cuts, advice, aspects

·         AspectJ syntax for AOP

·         AOP configuration elements

Spring Transactions 

·         The meaning of transaction

·         Transaction attributes

·         Spring transaction management support

·         Choosing a transaction manger

·         Declarative transaction management


Spring Web Flow 

·         Overview of Web-flows

·         Spring web flows

·         Creating web flow

·         Flow variables

·         States in web flows

·         Advanced web flow techniques like decision making


Spring Messaging

·         Messaging overview (JMS)

·         Using Messages with Spring


Advanced Bean Wiring

·         Parent and child beans

·         Inner beans

·         Bean wiring with property files