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Citrix 52
Course Contents


Introducing XenApp 5.0
•    Components of XenApp 5.0
•    XenApp 5.0 Architecture and Communications
•    Features of XenApp 5.0
•    License Management Console
•    Access Management Console
•    XenApp Advanced Configuration Tool

Installing XenApp
•    XenApp Installation
•    Citrix XenApp Plugins for Windows
•    Custom Installation Package
•    Creating a Custom Installation Package

Understanding Citrix Clients
    Citrix Xenapp Plugin
    Citrix Webplugin
    Program Neighbourhood

Installing and Configuring the Web Interface
Web Interface Architecture and Communications
Web Interface Installation
Creating XenApp Web Sites
Creating XenApp Services Sites
Modifying a Web Interface Site
XenApp Plugins and the Web Interface
Authentication Configuration
Server Configuration
Configuring the Citrix XML Service
Web Interface Site Removal
Uninstalling a Web Interface Site

Applications and Content Delivery
Understanding Resources
Publishing Resources
Organizing Published Resources for Users
Advanced Published Resource Settings
Configuring Access Control Properties
Configuring Client-to-Server Content Redirection
Configuring Server-to-Client Content Redirection
Implementing Resource Limits and Client Options
Configuring Resource Appearance

Published Resource Management
Viewing Published Resource Usage
Modifying Published Resource Properties
Disabling or Hiding a Published Resource

Streaming Applications
Application Streaming Components
Application Streaming Communications
XenApp Plugin for Streamed Applications
Citrix Streaming Profiler
Installing the Citrix Streaming Profiler
Profile Configuration
Setting Profiler Preferences
Changing the Application Type
Specifying an Alternate Profile for a Published Application
Enabling the Least-Privileged User Account
Configuring Sites for Streaming Applications

Configuring Policies in XenApp
Policies in XenApp
Policy Administration
Common Policy Configuration Missteps

Configuring Printing
Printer Provisioning
Secure Client Printing
Workspace Control
Network Considerations
Print Drivers
Client Printers
Network Printers
Assigning Network Printers to Users
Print Driver Management
Configuring Print Driver Mappings

Administrative Configuration
Administrative Permissions
Adding Administrator Accounts
Configuring Administrator Permissions
Remote Console Connections
Enabling Remote Console Connections
Configuration Logging

XenApp Security
SecureICA Encryption
Citrix SSL Relay
Configuring Citrix SSL Relay
Using Digital Certificates
Web Interface Configuration

Monitoring the Server Farm
Monitoring Tools
Data Store Monitoring
IMA Service Monitoring
Health Monitoring and Recovery
Configuring Health Monitoring and Recovery
Log Files
Session Monitoring
Real Time Data