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Windows Server 2008 58
Course Contents

Understanding Server Operating systems

Understanding features of Windows server 2008

Understanding Editions of Windows Server 2008

Installation of Windows server 2008

Understanding Server Manager

Understanding Server Roles


Understansding  AD Enhancements

Understanding DNS Architecture

Configuring Zones

Configuring Logging & Checking DNS Server logs

Troubleshooting DNS


Installing, Configuring  IIS

               Deploying Digital certificates, logging ,security

               Monitoring , troubleshooting, Performance monitoring

Active Directory

Active Directory Roles

AD Domain services and components


AD Certificate services


AD Federation Services

Understanding Trusts & Relations Ships

Understanding Active Directory Sites –Services

Replication architecture

Replication within and between sites

Replication enhancements for Active Directory

Replication enhancements for the AD Sysvol

Troubleshooting Replication issues with various tools

Deploying Read-Only Domain controllers

Installing RODC

Managing Password replication policy

Allowing or denying accounts in password replication policy

Delegating Administrative permissions

Understanding Group policies

Managing GPO Creation rights

Troubleshooting Group policies

Understanding upgradation paths

Planning and preparing for the upgrade

Upgrading Active Directory  from winnt to 2003 and 2003 to 2008

Upgrading Active Directory  from winnt to 2003 and 2003 to 2008

Understanding LDAP & structure

Understanding Schema Classes, Schema Attributes,

LDAP Standards

Understanding Active Directory Schema

Creating Classes & Attributes

Querying AD

Backup & recovery of Active Directory

   Authoritative and non-authoritative restores

           Recovery from failure of domain controller

          Recovery of Deleted OU

       Recovery of Deleted object

Restoring sysvol data

Designing and managing Domain environment

Design considerations for Active Directory Search and Global catalogs

Design considerations for Active directory replication

Design considerations for Compatibility

Design considerations for Active Directory Authentication and trusts

Design considerations for Delegation and security

Using Powershell scripts

         Understanding Variables and constants

         Looping through code

         Making decisions

Understanding Performance Counters

     CPU,  Disk ,  Memory ,  AD ,  Windows Server OS

Enabling debugging logging

Analyzing Debugging logs

Analyzing Dump files

Tuning Processor scheduling

Resolving Memory bottlenecks

Resolving processor bottlenecks

Resolving Disk I/O Bottlenecks

Resolving Network Bottlenecks

Analyzing trace logs

Hyper -V

Understanding Hyper-V ( Virtualization)

Deploying Hyper –V

Deploying & Managing Virtual machines

Terminal Services

Understanding Terminal services architecture

Install TS Web Access

TS RemoteApp Manager & configuration

Install programs on TS