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Course Contents

                                SAN Course Content
Part 1: Fundamentals of Storage Network Foundations
•    Introduction to Storage Networking –SNIA
•    Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
•    Networking Attached Storage (NAS)
•    Storage Area Network (SAN)
•    SCSI  & iSCSI
•    FCP, FCIP, IFCP and FCoE
•    RAID concepts  and  Different Raid  types
•    Business Continuity
•    What is RPO & RTO
•    Virtualization

Part 2:  Fiber Channel
•    Understanding Fiber channel protocol
•    Fiber channel Layers
•    Fiber channel components
•    Fiber Channel topologies & Addressing
•    Identify SAN components
Part 3:  Brocade FC Switches Administration
•    Understand the Brocade Switch models
•    List basic functions and components
•    Identify Switch capabilities
•    Installation & Setup
•    Brocade zoning
•    Presenting LUN’s
•    Identify WWN, Port IDs, and Domain IDs
•    Understand the switch settings
•    Use Management Tools
•    Perform GUI configuration
Part 4 :  Brocade Switch Administration
•    Perform Command Line configuration
•    Managing Fabrics
•    Brocade switch Routing & Brocade trunking
•    Understand SAN topologies
•    How to upgrade SAN 
•    Troubleshooting Fabric

VNX and VNXe  Architecture and overview:

· Implement Unisphere Security


· Provision block-level storage


· Manage host access to block storage


· Perform basic host integration tasks for block storage

· Integrate a Windows host to VNX block storage


· Describe a VMWare ESXi/VNX Block-Level Solutions


· Implement advanced storage features


· Configure basic networking for VNX file level access


· Configure VNX file systems


· Export VNX file systems for NFS access


· Explain Usermapper operations and management


· Configure VNX file systems for CIFS access


· Create and manage Virtual Data Movers


· Manage Permission for CIFS


· Implement file system Quotas


· Configure CIFS features


· Implement networking features


· Configure Event Monitor and Alerts


· Implement VNX SnapView snapshots


· Implement VNX SnapView Clones


· Configure VNX Snapsure


· VNX  Performance  monitoring

· VNX and VNXe series  Architecture Overview

· VNX and VNXe Model  and features

· VNX and VNXe  basic components

· VNX and VNXe  Modular Architecture

         Implementing Unisphere Security:

· Implement Unisphere Security

· Describe LDAP/AD Security

· User Authentication on VNX Control Station

· Audit Control Station Events

· Describe IP Address Filtering

· Explain SSL/TLS Certificates Objectives

· Explain VNX File Notification Methods

         Block Storage Provisioning and Management:

· Configuring RAID Groups and Traditional LUNs

· Pools and Pool LUNs

         Managing Host Access to Block Storage:

· Access logic

         Host Integration Basics:

· Connectivity

· Software

         Host Installation and Integrations:

· Windows Host Integration

· ESXi Host Integration

         Advanced Storage Concepts:

· MetaLUNs

· LUN Migration

· Fully Automated Storage Tiering(FAST)

· Data Compression

· FAST Cache


· LUN Shrink

         Basic Network Configuration:


· Hardware Parameters

· IP Addressing

· Routing


· Time Services

         Configuring File Systems:

· File System Components

· Automatic Volume Manager

· Managing File Systems

· File System Extension and Virtual Provisioning

           Exporting File Systems to UNIX/Linux and ESXi (NFS):

· Exporting a File System

· Mounting a File System from an NFS Client

· NFS User Authentication


           Virtual Data Movers

           Configuring CIFS (Windows only)

· Configuring a CIFS Server in a Windows Domain and as a Stand-alone Server


· Making VNX File Systems available in a Windows

· Environment

            File System Quotas

· User and Group Quotas

· Tree Quotas

· Managing Quotas from Unisphere

· CIFS Features (Windows only)

· Home Directories

· VNX AntiVirus

· File Extension Filtering

         Networking Features:

· Ethernet Channel



· VLAN Tagging

         Principles of VNX SnapView and VNX SnapSure

· VNX SnapView and VNX SnapSure in Business Environments


· VNX SnapView and VNX SnapSure Operating Principles

· VNX SnapView Snapshot and Clone Differences