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The Motivation For Hadoop

·         Problems with traditional large-scale systems

·         Requirements for a new approach

·         HADOOP History and Evolution

 Hadoop Basic Concepts

·         An Overview of Hadoop

·         The Hadoop Distributed File System

·         HADOOP EcoSystem

·         IT Architecture with HADOOP

·         Case Studies and Use Cases discussion for HADOOP

 Writing your first MapReduce Program

·         MapReduce Introduction

·         The MapReduce Program Flow

·         How MapReduce Program works

·         Examining a Sample MapReduce Program

·         Hands-On Exercise using example program

Dissecting your first MapReduce program to understand:

·         Basic MapReduce API Concepts

·         The Driver Code

·         The Mapper

·         The Reducer

·         Hadoop’s Streaming API

·         Hadoop Pipes

·         Hadoop Scaling Out

MapReduce Features:

·         Counters

·         Sorting

·         Joins

·         MapReduce Library Classes

·         Side Data Distribution

·         Input Formats

·         Output Formats

·         Hands-on exercise to understand the features

Advanced features : Hadoop API

·         Using Combiners

·         Using LocalJobRunner Mode for Faster Development

·         Reducing Intermediate Data with Combiners

·         The configure and close methods for MapReduce

·         Setup and Teardown

·         Writing Partitioners for Better Load Balancing

·         Directly Accessing HDFS

·         Using The Distributed Cache

·         Hands-On Exercise (Optional)

Practical Development Tips and Techniques

·         Testing with MRUnit

·         Debugging MapReduce Code

·         Using LocalJobRunner Mode for Easier Debugging

·         Retrieving Job Information with Counters

·         Logging

·         Splittable File Formats

·         Determining the Optimal Number of Reducers

·         Map-Only MapReduce Jobs

·         Implementing Multiple Mappers using ChainMapper

·         Hands-On Exercise

Introduction to HIVE, SQOOP, PIG

·         Key features of HIVE, SQOOP, PIG

·         Example Programs study and practice for

·         HIVE

·         PIG

·         SQOOP

·         MapReduce Program Integration with HIVE, PIG, SQOOP tools