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iPhone Developer 115
Course Contents



Basics of Objective C

 Creating Classes

o          @interface

o          @implementation

o          Piecing it together

 Classes Details

o          Multiple Parameters

o          Constructors

o          Access Privileges

o          Class level access


 Inheritance, Polymorphism, and other OOP features

o          The id type

o          Inheritance

o          Dynamic types

o          Categories

o          Posing

o          Protocols

      Memory Management

o          Retain and Release

o          Dealloc

o          Autorelease Pool

  Foundation Framework Classes

o          NSArray

o          NSDictionary

iOS SDK and IDE Basics

·         Basics

·         How to create a project

·         Obtaining and installing SDK

·         Familiarizing with IDE

·         Understanding generated code

Creating interfaces

o    Interface builder

o    Using the debugger

o    More information

o    Creating a simple interface

o    Rotating the Text: Adjusting the UI

o    Rotating the Text: Adjusting the code

o    Code Navigation


    Running Application on iphone

iPhone Application Development

·         The iphone Software Architecture

·         Essential cocoa touch classes

·         Working with Xcode and interface builder

·         Anatomy of your iphone application

·         Customizing behaviour

·         Managing Application Memory

·         Accessing Variables as properties

The View

·         View Geometry

·         Useful geometric type definitions

·         The UIScreen class

·         The frame and center properties

·         The bounds property

·         The View Hierarchy

·         The Multitouch Interface

·         The UITouch class

·         The UIEvent class

·         The UIResponder class

·         Animation

·         Drawing


·         The foundation of all controls

·         UIControlAttributes

·         Target-action Mechanism

·         The Text Field

·         Interacting with the keyboard

·         The delegates

·         Creating and working withUITextField

·         Sliders

·         Switches

·         Buttons

·         Segmented Controls

·         Page controls

·         Date Pickers

View Controllers

·         Implementing a Button Action

·         Building a Model

·         Adding Outlets and Action to the Controller

·         Updating the UI

·         Implementing the Controller

·         Creating the new View Controller

·         Building the UI

·         View controller in Interface Builder

·         Custom View Controllers

·         Tab Bar Controllers

·         Model View Controllers

·         Combined View Controller Interfaces

Event Handling

·         Events and Event Types

·         Event Delivery

·         Touch Events

·         Motion Events

·         Copy, Cut, Paste Operation

Table Views

·         Basics of Table Views

·         Implementing a simple Table

·         Adding an Image

·         Additional Configuration

·         Customizing Table View Cells

·         Grouped and Indexed Sections

·         Implementing a Search Bar

·         Sorting Table Data

·         Dynamic Table Views


·         The Navigation Controller

·         Navigation based Application

·         Customizing the Navigation Bar

File Management

·         Reading Data from Files

·         Writing Data to Files

·         Property Lists and NSCoding

·         Working with Resources


The SQLite Database

·         Basic Database operation

·         Opening creating and closing Database

·         Table Operation

·         Creating the sample Application

·         Putting your Database on the devices

·         Using your Database on the devices

Location and Google Maps API

·         The Core location Framework

·         The CLLocation Class

·         A Simple Location-Aware Class

·         Google Maps API

·         A geocoding Application

·         Tracking Application with Maps

·         Working with ZIP codes

·         Working with the Map kit API

Connecting to the Internet

·         Building a Browser with UIwebview

·         Reading Data from Network

·         HTTP Authentication

·         Sending Mail from Your Application

Application Integration

·         Launching other Application

·         Integrating Application


·         Understanding and Fixing Build Errors

·         Understanding and Fixing Importing Errors

·         Understanding and Fixing Interface Builder Errors